Dear Future Resident,   I know most students ask themselves should I do a residency at some point during PT school.  So, I was planning on posting an unbiased look at life as a resident.  But, I don’t want to give you something generic, I want to give you something […]

Answer ONE Question for Less Wasted Time

I flipped through a few more dog adoption videos and looked up.  How was it 7:26 am?? I had pulled into the parking lot at 7:10 am.  The thought of I’ll check my email quickly turned into Facebook scrolling, which turned into dog adoption videos, which resulted in fifteen minutes of […]


I wholeheartedly rely on GPS.  I don’t look at the route, I don’t look at the map, I just turn it on and loyally follow.  But, as we turned down a residential street, I started to doubt it. We were en route to a new winery in Kentucky, but there […]

The Third Ten Books Of 2018.

If you feel like reading is too difficult or have trouble stick to it, I’ve been there.  But, 1.5 years into my reading goal and I finally feel like it has become a habit.  I still keep track of my books, but it is no longer to keep me focused […]


I hate flying.  It remains one of my greatest fears even though I fly frequently. Usually I sit, put my headphones on and close my eyes for the duration of the flight.  I silently freak out until the wheels hit the ground and suddenly I’m my normal self again.  I’ve […]


Finally, it was vacation.  I started the morning slow knowing that the weekend was going to be full of activity.  I headed to the airport to travel to Phoenix for a bachelorette party. Minutes later I made my way through security.  As I was putting my laptop back into my […]

Is this the secret to new habits?

Habits are hard.  I might as well make a habit of starting habits because at least that would be one I’d keep. For so many reasons, I struggle to start new habits.  I can have the best intentions, a solid plan, and all the motivation in the world.  But, then […]


Recommendations continue to be the best ones that I read, so keep them coming J.  Here are the second ten of 2018.  (Make sure to check out the first ten if you haven’t already). First, the ratings out of 10: 10:  These are books that I think everyone should read. […]