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It seems we are hitting resource quotas two days at a row, we made a ticket and have to wait until business hours starts in Europe. We suspect an attack, our provider automatically suspend accounts under attack when resource are consumed extremely high. As soon as our websites are unsuspended we will investigate what has […]

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One of our hosting accounts is suspended due to overuse of resources, unfortunately an important website ( is hosted on this account. We have made a ticket and we will keep you updated and we hope it will be activated as soon as business hours start. Update: april 19 14.22 Pacific Time status closed, we […]


Network problems in the Netherlands started again

Since april 10, 2017 we are experiencing issues on our network due a big issue in DC2 of Serverius. We could not update yesterday due this issue this website was suffering from downtime and latency. We did updated on our support website hosted on a very different cloud in Chicago United States. The network […]

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We currently are experiencing some network issues in the Netherlands. All websites on the Cloud are temporary unreachable, it started at 12:06 PM today Pacific Time. The cloud is up and then down even our provider is unreachable. As soon as we know more about this issue we will update the information. We had a downtime […]

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Scheduled Maintenance Chicago

Scheduled maintenance will be taking place which will impact our cloud network, resulting in a period of outage of our server in Chicago that host Clouds Effected: Chicago Maintenance Start Time: Thursday, April 6, 2017 @ 4AM CDT Maintenance Completion Time: Thursday, April 6, 2017 @ 6AM CDT Estimated Downtime: 30 minutes Our engineers […]